Erin Black

...a body made for worship.

Do you remember the first time you realized that your interests could never be described as “ordinary?” When you realized that soft, plump, women described as BBW made your pulse quicken, pupils dilate, and your cheeks redden? When did your desires lead you to a Chicago facesitting and body worship Mistress?

Of course you remember. Your desire to touch, taste, and be engulfed by soft, BBW women has been something you’ve craved for a long time. A desire to worship at the altar of the divine that is a thick ass, soft belly, and breasts that are more than a handful. Perhaps you love the way it feels to be smothered by the full weight of a woman’s body, or trampled by even just her feet. You’ve ended up here after all, looking at a blonde BBW smothering and facesitting Mistress in Chicago.

I know how hard it can be to find the space and time to indulge wants of this kind, but the truth is, expressing these desires keeps us balanced. Indulgence allows us to let go and release our personal pressure valves, after all.

I’d bet my investment portfolio that you’re so driven in other areas of life that you often neglect to release that pressure valve. You probably don’t get opportunities to indulge often, between a constantly over-scheduled work and home life.

The ache you feel from not having what you so clearly need gets overwhelming, doesn’t it? And believe me, I know how hard it is to cultivate relationships where you can openly express yourself and ask for what you so desperately crave. Sometimes it’s even difficult to ask, too—you’re so used to being in a position of power that sometimes it’s difficult and embarrassing to admit you just need a break from the decision-making. Being “on” 24 hours a day is exhausting; let me give you what you need by taking what I want.

If I’ve struck a chord or hit a nerve, then you’ve found yourself in the right place.

Ive been playing in Chicago since 2012, and while I use the terms “dominatrix” and “mistress” for lack of better terms, I don’t consider myself either. What I am is a sexually dominant Top and hedonistic fetishist who loves to laugh, have fun, and play! What this means for you is that I’m both playfully and powerfully in charge, and know exactly what it takes to put you over pleasure’s edge!

Come and get lost in my soft, strong, voluptuous, BBW body! From facesitting to smothering, to trampling and body worship, you’ll surely leave feeling satiated, indulged, all while wanting more. Are you ready for a blonde BBW smothering and facesitting Mistress in Chicago? Because I’m ready for you.

Let's indulge our fetishes together.

Miss Erin Black